Water-repellent mattresses for children

Mollyflex water-repellent mattresses for children are one of the clearest examples which demonstrate that the company is always interested in a continuously updated in research on new materials and innovative production methods, to always offer the best of Made in Italy to its customers. Mollyflex introduced water-repellent mattresses for children to overcome the problem of many mothers, who frequently find themselves having to sanitize the bed of children to keep it clean and fresh.

The water-repellent mattresses for children are stylish and of high quality, with precise and accurate finishes and are available in different sizes, as needed. They consist of polyurethane completely ecological and hypoallergenic, so that children can suffer effects on their health of materials little delicate, aggressive or harmful. The water-repellent mattresses for children are also deformable, anatomic and orthopedic, to accompany the children in the growth and allow them to rest the best taking a correct position in bed.

The water-repellent mattresses for children are made of Teflon, a particular fabric that does not make possible the passage of liquids, and therefore prevents that these can affect the structure of the mattress. Several measures are useful to keep clean the mattress of your children as much as possible, such as changing the bedding at least once a week and avoid holding pillows on the bed. But despite this happen to have to clean the mattress very frequently, especially when children are very young: thanks to the Teflon instead liquids do not go inside, making cleaning much more convenient, fast and easy. To avoid that the mattress is dirty continuously and ensure that it remains perfect in the time the water-repellent mattresses for children are therefore the most comfortable and easy to manage.

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