Air Fresh Relax sweat proof pillow

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Warranty: 2 years

Pillowcase washable at 60°

cm 42 X 72 X 14
30% viscose 70% polyester
High-tech perforated memory/viscoelastic
Refreshing gel

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The sweat proof pillow for a cool and restoring rest.

The Air Fresh Relax sweat proof pillow is made of viscoelastic memory foam, on which a special gel is spread with a temperature colder than any other material used for sleeping: this ensures considerable breathability and an extraordinary ability to reduce perspiration during the night, counteracting the increase in temperature in the neck and head area and dispersing excess heat, thus also promoting blood circulation.

This pillow is suitable for all builds and sleeping positions. The benefits of the Air Fresh pillow:

  • anti-mite: it is made with procedures that prevent the proliferation of mites;
  • ergonomic: comfortable and cozy, to promote a satisfying rest;
  • shape retaining: able to accommodate the body and then recover its original shape;
  • water foam: during foaming the blowing agent is water.