Montreal orthopedic memory foam mattress

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Warranty: 7 years



Washable at 40°

22 cm
Stretch soie fabric (4% soie/bamboo + 28% cotton + 68% polyester) + 3d fabric 100% polyester + hypoallergenic polyester + white fabric 100% polyester
Rigidity class
Memory foam
Polyurethane foam

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The Montreal orthopedic memory foam mattress is an essential mattress, with a sturdy orthopedic base and total-comfort waterlily memory. Essential in structure, but excellent in terms of results, this Moonlight line mattress combines the benefits of polyurethane foam with an extra thickness of memory.

Memory foam is a material with a structure consisting of lots of small cells which enable the air to move more naturally and effectively, avoiding the accumulation of dust, moisture and perspiration. This same structure is able to shape itself through the thermal action of the body, thus minimizing pressure points.

The combination of the two materials offers extra comfort, correct posture and quality sleep. Finally, the mattress cover is made of soy fiber, which gives a silky, bright appearance and an extraordinary feeling of well-being.