Memory foam double mattress

Are you looking for a new double mattress? Mollyflex offers a wide range of mattresses in different lines, based on the material and type of mattress. Among the many available, Mollyflex also offers high-quality, memory-foam double mattresses made with the latest technologies to guarantee its customers a comfortable and quality rest.

What is a memory mattress?

Memory foam double mattresses, such as those of the Mollyflex Moontex® line, are made with memory foam, a type of high-tech viscolelastic material. Thanks to its specific characteristics, memory fosm is able to move with and accommodate the body, accompanying it and adapting itself perfectly to its lines in order to guarantee absolute comfort and more peaceful and serene rest. With memory foam, weight is distributed in an ideal way, following the position of the body.

Memory foam mattresses are anatomical and orthopedic: they promote circulation and offer perfect support for the spine. The special foam that they are made of is activated by heat transmitted from the body to the different points of contact, by changing the shape of the mattress according to the position of the body.

What benefits does it offer?

Buying a double mattress in memory foam can be an excellent choice to take advantage of the benefits that healthy and peaceful rest can provide. Specifically, memory foam mattresses help to:

  • Rest in the most natural way possible, without tension or constriction;
  • Experience a feeling of greater serenity, lightness and overall well-being;
  • To oxygenate tissue, promoting proper circulation;
  • To keep the spine in the correct position, giving relief to those with cervical, hernia or lumbosciatic problems.

Which mattresses does Mollyflex offer?

The company has over thirty years of experience in making top quality mattresses for complete rest. Memory foam double mattresses are made of Moontex®, a high-tech material that provides ideal comfort. Among the many mattresses of the line are:

  • Memo Top, an anti-decubitus and anti-static mattress for exceptional comfort;
  • Viscotech® Class, a long lasting mattress for long lasting performance;
  • Memo Artic, which allows the rapid adaptation of body temperature to the external temperature.

Do you need more information?

Feel free to contact us for further information on memory foam double mattresses sold by Mollyflex. You can find them in our online store or at authorized resellers. If you require information, fill out the form in the contact section and an experienced member of our staff will be happy to respond as soon as possible.