Memory Cristal

The energy of crystals at the service of sleep quality

The cutting-edge memory foams use the energy of crystals for the production of mattresses and pillows.

Crystal memory products contain a mixture of crystals that emit energy in the form of light and vibration as much as our body needs.

The simple contact with crystals, through an exchange process, produces many benefits:

  • invigorates the body;
  • relaxes and rejuvenates the skin;
  • has positive effects on the mood and the body’s ability to absorb stress and weariness;
  • helps relax the muscles and the nervous system;
  • improves blood circulation and digestion;
  • supports immune defences and brings new vitality, thereby improving our overall health.

Memory foams produced using crystals have no contraindications and provide higher sleep quality allowing better maintenance of energy levels.

The constant use of mattresses made with Crystal foams leads to a process of revitalization of the organism, helping to relieve physical and mental tensions and recovering vitality, because the energy flow, namely our body charge, is uninterrupted.

Crystals are eternal and unbreakable, so the beneficial properties of Crystal memory foams are durable.