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June 3, 2024

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How to cool the mattress in summer?

How to cool the mattress in summer?

Summer is a wonderful season, but high temperatures can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. If you find yourself struggling with hot, sleepless nights, don’t worry. There are several ways to make your mattress cooler without having to revolutionize your bedroom. Here are some practical and useful tips, including suggestions on the best summer mattresses in the Mollyflex catalogue and alternative solutions to keep your mattress breathable and cool.

Tips for cooling the mattress

  1. Thermoregulating topper: Adding a cooling topper to the surface of the mattress is a simple and effective way to make it less hot. These toppers are designed to dissipate body heat and maintain an optimal temperature during sleep.
  1. Cooling mattress protector: A cooling mattress protector, such as the iFreshmodel by Mollyflex, can work wonders. Made from a special fabric that promotes breathability and absorbs heat, the iFresh mattress protector ensures a cool night’s sleep even on the hottest nights.
  1. Natural fabrics: Using sheets made of fresh, natural fabrics, such as linen or percale cotton, helps to improve breathability and maintain a fresh feeling. These materials allow better air circulation than synthetic fabrics.
  1. Cooling pillow cover: The pillow can also contribute to thermal comfort. A cooling pillow cover can keep your head cool, further improving your sleep quality.

How to make a memory mattress cooler?

Memory foam is a great material for improving the comfort of a mattress. However, in summer it can be too hot and disturb the quality of sleep. How can you solve this problem?

  • Opt for a mattress with memory gel sheet: Memory gel is an innovative material that disperses moisture and provides a feeling of freshness.
  • Add a cooling topper: As mentioned, a topper can make a big difference in keeping a memory foam mattress cool.
  • Cover the mattress with a breathable and cooling mattress protector A quality mattress topper such as Mollyflex’s iFresh is a great choice.
  • Use sheets made of fresh, natural fabrics: Linen and percale are ideal for improving breathability.
  • Use a cooling pillow cover: This accessory can complete your set for a cooler sleep.

Let’s delve into some of these solutions to cool the mattress! 

Down topper: warm in winter, cool in summer

What’s the topper for? The topper has multiple functions: it corrects excessive firmness of a mattress, makes an overly soft mattress more supportive and regulates body temperature during sleep. Toppers may be made of memory foam or goose down. But what is the most suitable topper for summer? Well, yes: the goose feather topper!

Goose down is a truly incredible natural material. It is thermoregulating, so it provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. A goose down topper adds a layer of softness and freshness to your mattress, greatly enhancing your sleeping comfort.

Cooling mattress protector:

Some mattresses do not have a summer side and a winter side. During the warmer months, therefore, you cannot turn the mattress over to have a cooler surface to sleep on. To overcome this problem and make your mattress cooler, you can use a Mollyflex iFresh mattress cover.

The iFresh mattress cover is a sleeping product made from a special fabric that guarantees a cool night’s sleep even during the sultriest summer nights, when it is usually difficult to fall asleep.

IFresh covers offer the following benefits: 

– High heat absorption value, which promotes an optimal temperature during sleep. 

– Thermal comfort thanks to water vapour permeability, which prevents excessive sweating.

The iFresh mattress protector, therefore, not only provides a pleasant feeling of freshness, but also protects the mattress from perspiration. The same goes for the iFresh pillow cover, which you can combine with the Airfresh memory pillow for an icy effect!

Mattresses with memory gel insert

If you suffer from heat and have problems with night sweats in all seasons, perhaps the best solution for you is to change your mattress and opt for a model that also includes a memory gel insert. Memory gel is an innovative material that disperses excess moisture, providing a very pleasant feeling of freshness.

Among the mattress models with memory gel or polisoff insert, we recommend:

Memo Artic

A mattress with excellent elasticity and performance, made even more effective thanks to the cover made of Tencel, a natural fabric derived from wood cellulose, which offers a continuous exchange of air with the outside, guaranteeing an excellent feeling of freshness.

Memo Artic


The thermoregulating polisoff surface, with excellent breathability, grants temperate sleeps working in synergy with the Tencel lining. Microspheres that absorb and release body heat reduce overheating and night sweating.


Optima Fresh

A robust and durable mattress, consisting of a compact polyurethane foam base and a layer of memory gel. The anti-pressure memory quilted directly into the cover makes the support provided by this mattress even more anatomical.

Optima Fresh

Venezia Coral

A mattress with a 5-layer structure of polyurethane foam, memory and polisoff. Polisoff is a special open-cell gel which absorbs and releases body heat and moisture while maintaining a high and healthy level of freshness. This mattress also offers excellent resilience and low deformability. The Venezia Coral is available in two versions: soft, more cosy, and firm, for more support.

Venezia Coral

We hope these tips help you enjoy cooler, more restful nights during the summer. Have a good sleep!