Online sale of customized mattresses

If you are looking for the ideal mattress for peaceful and tranquil sleep every night, Mollyflex has the solution. The company offers the online sale of custom mattresses that meet the needs of each individual customer, as well as the different needs that we all have in such a delicate and personal moment like rest.

The benefits of choosing a Mollyflex mattress

Mollyflex has been produced and sold custom-made mattresses for over thirty years, available in a vast range of products, along with many other items needed for peaceful and truly relaxing sleep. In addition to the many quality Made in Italy mattresses, the company also makes many other sleep-related items and accessories available for online purchase, such as pillowsduvetsbed bases, and everything you need to ensure truly energizing sleep. All of these items are available for purchase online through our dedicated, secure and guaranteed shop.

Do you live abroad? No problem. Mollyflex has an international presence thanks to a widespread network of authorized dealers. You can contact us to request a free quote on the cost of the mattress as well as shipping.

A large range of customized mattresses

Mollyflex aims to fully satisfy the needs of customers. Nightly rest is important, as it takes up approximately one-third of our day. We must therefore make sure that it takes place in the best way, to ensure that we wake up fresh and rested in the morning. But each of us sleeps differently, because our physical structure varies. Mollyflex sells customized mattresses online to ensure the best possible sleep for everyone. They can be selected according to specific needs, based on:
• Mattress measurements
• Material – from latex to memory form
• Material quality, to accomodate allergies or physical problems
• Bed base and structure

The customized mattresses offered by Mollyflex are available for purchase online. The procedure is simple, immediate and completely secure, with different payment methods available to meet the needs of each customer.

More information on custom mattresses
Contact us through the special form in the contact section if you need further information on the online sale of double mattresses, or if you reside abroad and want to contact us for a free quote. We will make sure to respond as soon as possible with all of the information requested.