Sale of double mattresses online

If you are looking for the easiest and most convenient way to buy the right mattress for your needs, Mollyflex has the right solution. The company sells double mattresses online with the aim of simplifying the customer process of selection and purchase, always ensuring maximum safety and simplicity throughout each phase. Mollyflex is a company that has operated in the sector for over thirty years and is able to offer the best sleep solutions thanks to its accumulated experience and a team of high level experts, which are now available with a few simple clicks.

Double mattresses available for purchase online in Italy

If you live in Italy, Mollyflex offers a vast collection of double mattresses that can be purchased conveniently online directly in our online shop. The mattresses are intended for commercial sectors such as the hotel sector, and for domestic use by individual families. Each mattress is produced in our factory with the utmost care and attention at every stage of the process, and guarantees the highest standards of construction quality to ensure the best possible rest.

The mattresses can then be purchased in their preferred size. Customers can choose from a wide range of double mattresses to ensure they find the ideal one amongst the different lines proposed:
• Moontex® Memory Foam
• Naturello®, anatomical with strong orthopedic functions
• Hotel line, dedicated to hotels and accommodations facilities
• Polilattex® Polyurethane HT, the line for healthy and well-rested sleep
• Polilattex Premium Polyurethane, for a superior quality rest

Do you live abroad? No problem. Contact us to request a free quote on the price of the mattress and delivery.

Why buy a mattress online?

Buying online may not always be easy, so Mollyflex aims to ensure fully transparent and simple service, right from the very beginning. In line with experience acquired and the philosophy of the brand, the company offers an online sales service that focuses fully on quality and safety. You can safely make purchases online with different payment methods:
• Credit card
• PayPal
• Check
• Bank transfer

Find out more about online sales

Do you need more information on the online sale of double-sized mattresses? Do you live abroad and want to contact us to receive a free quote? You can contact us by filling out the form in the contact section. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.